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Step By Step 

1. Tailored Transformation:  At Soulpower, we do not believe in a "one size fits all" method when it comes to personal growth. Your journey is unique, and so is our approach. Together, we'll define what your dream life looks like, whether it's a better love life, unshakeable confidence, or deep healing.


2. Uncover Unconscious Blockages: Identify and understand the limiting beliefs rooted in your unconscious mind. These outdated beliefs, formed in early childhood, are often the invisible barriers to your happiness and success.

3. Resolve Inner Tension: Recognize the conflict between what you consciously desire and your unconscious beliefs. This tension is what keeps you stuck. Our method brings these to light, setting the stage for genuine change.

4. Holistic Healing: Engage in deep inner child work, trauma healing, and self-compassion training. This powerful combination heals and unites mind, body, and soul, leading to inner peace and a life of flow.

5. Empowerment Through Learning: Learn new perspectives and techniques to achieve your goals. I'll equip you with the tools for setting boundaries, cultivating positive habits, and using spiritual methods to master your mind, ensuring lasting change.

Our Values

Foundational Themes in Soulpower Coaching Program

Routine as a Bridge to Meet Your Authentic Self 

We foster a sense of internal balance and peace by using routines to care for, nurture and maintain yourself. This is the power of self love, it transform our inner child and gives us internal peace. By making a distinction between “who you were told to be” vs “who you were meant to be” we get clarity on what kind of routine you need to access your true essence which holds all your hidden power. 

Deep Confidence & Personal Balancing Power 

Raising your confidence in all areas of your life is a foundational step in this healing process. We work to discover your inner self-esteem by helping you overcome "ego" fears and shadow projections that come up as triggers or emotionally unpleasant situations. By increasing internal validation, we increase self-worth and our enhance our ability to regulate our emotions. 

Lasting Results with Neuroplasticity & High Vibrations 

Neuroplasticity is your brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. In this program, we take advantage of this neurological phenomenon in order to rewire past trauma, conditioning, and patterns that are unconsciously dictating your life. By letting go of that pain you “return to yourself” and on a scientific level has the powerful effect of realigning your energy. This release of low vibrational thought and adoption of high vibration lifestyle gives you greater power to manifest what you want. 

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