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The Actualized Elite Program

Talk with Priscilla about the revolutionary actualized elite program that includes 16 weeks of 1:1 therapy sessions, an AI assistant, a personalized journal, self-compassion workbook, and much more! Use link below if you are ready to level up your life and schedule a call today. 

Do yourself a favor and join
The Actualized Elite:

  • Is Your Life Changing and you feel out of control? For those who excel in stable environments but find sudden changes disorienting, our program is your rock. It's about converting disruption into opportunity, guiding you to stability and growth.

  • Do you Feel Isolated in Leadership? It can be lonely at the top, especially when facing transitions alone. Our clients have experienced significant improvements in their relationship satisfaction through this program.

  • Are you struggling to find Balance? Balancing professional aspirations with personal well-being can seem like a tightrope walk. We know what that's like and we make balance look easy. 

  • Battling Self- Doubt? Constantly battling self-doubt, even when you succeed? If you’re wrestling with feelings of never being good enough or struggling to regulate your emotions, we're here to help. 

  • Living Without Spark? When days meld indistinguishably, devoid of zest or direction, this program is your reawakening. 

Achieve Transformation, Faster than our competitors. 

What you'll receive:

  • Tailored Coaching Sessions: Receive 1-hour weekly sessions over 8 weeks, focusing on personalized guidance and support.

  •  24/7 OpenAI Jungian Life Strategist (beta): This cutting-edge tool is designed to provide you with continuous support, answering queries and addressing concerns as they arise between sessions. By offering real-time, personalized guidance, this platform significantly accelerates the transformative process, ensuring that every question finds its answer.

  • Soulpower Self-Love Workbook: A 60-page guide filled with exercises validated by scientific research to increase self-compassion.

  • Customized Soulpower Journal: Implement powerful daily habits backed by science to maintain and amplify your transformation.

  • Access to Exclusive Meditations and Hypnosis: Partnering with Aura, you'll gain access to a wide range of meditations and hypnosis sessions, including ones created by your coach, to support your journey.

  • Quantifiable Results or Your Money Back: A psychological well-being assessment at the beginning and end of the program will show tangible improvements in your life, including increased confidence, better relationships, and a clear understanding of your life's purpose.

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  • Discover What Really Drives You: Unearth the passions and purposes that have been buried under daily routines. Find what truly excites you and aligns with your deepest values, paving the way to a life that feels more meaningful and directed.

  • Become the Architect of Your Destiny: No longer at the mercy of fate, you'll learn to construct your future with intention. This program empowers you to take the reins, turning dreams into plans, and plans into reality.

  • Find Real Love and Respect in Relationships: Picture relationships where you're not just heard, but deeply understood and appreciated. Where you're not only giving love but also receiving it in abundance. 

  • Build Confidence That Lasts: Imagine a life where self-doubt doesn't hold you back. Our approach helps you build lasting confidence, changing how you see yourself and how others see you.

  • Live with More Joy and Less Stress: Experience a shift from feeling overwhelmed to being in control. Imagine a life where triggers lose their power, where stress is replaced by resilience. Find more joy as you learn to navigate life's ups and downs with a new sense of calm and clarity.

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