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What Clients Are Saying

Priscilla is not my first therapist or coach; she is the first to help me break through past traumas and has been a fantastic guide as I work through some difficult things. 

She is a fantastic listener, holds space for you, and creates an environment to be fully open. She is thoughtful, kind, and genuine. She feels like a trusted friend I can be open and vulnerable with.
I look forward to our sessions, knowing I will come out with a new perspective regardless of what we discuss that day. 

Priscilla's grounding presence is priceless; partnering with her would benefit anyone looking for support. 

Client, Claudia

SoulPower Coaching has had an incredible impact on my life. Priscilla has been dedicated to guiding me through a significant transformation in my self-esteem and spiritual growth. With her support, I have gained invaluable tools to navigate both interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships.
During our sessions, Priscilla’s attentiveness, support, and empathy have made a profound difference. Her extensive knowledge and deep understanding of psychology and its principles, have empowered me to face challenges head-on. Priscilla’s unwavering commitment to my transformational growth has been truly inspiring.
Thanks to SoulPower Coaching, I have been able to heal from past experiences and embrace a more positive and fulfilling life. The work we have done together since the fall of 2022 has been life-changing, and I am deeply grateful for it. I highly recommend SoulPower Coaching to anyone seeking personal growth, healing, and guidance. Priscilla can truly make a difference in your life

Client, Brooke

I have tried quite a few self-care/therapeutic options before, but none have been as effective as working with Soulpower Coaching Co. and Priscilla. Priscilla has mastered a perfect combination of caring personally about me and my troubles while challenging me directly to question old patterns and habits. She is excellent at adapting to my mood, and even on days where I feel like I don't have anything to talk about, our sessions are productive. Plus, she's pleasant, funny, and genuine. Self-help journeys are never easy, but having a guide like Priscilla makes healing easier. I would highly recommend her and Soulpower Coaching Co.!"

Client, Skye

As my first therapist/coach, I’m so happy with Priscilla and the way she explains methods and asks questions to get deeper to the root cause. She is calm and precise throughout the conversation. I’m enjoying my sessions with her.

Client, Sonya

Priscilla has a very clear way of explaining very complex subjects such as persona and shadow. She has a very calming presence and has a special ability to take clients into the depths where true healing happens. 

Professor, Dr. Maldonado, PhD
Founder of CreativeMind Coaching University

Priscilla’s sessions are great because she creates a very welcoming environment early on in our talks which makes me feel safe in discussing what I need to. I also really enjoy her ability to listen and respond to all aspects of what I said, not just part of what I’ve talked about. She’s very in-depth and understanding.

Client, Jessica

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